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Return to Earth the Nature Lovers way.

Human composting, also known as natural organic reduction or simply NOR, is gaining attention and acceptance in many U.S. states. Washington was the first state to legalize human composting in 2019, followed by Colorado and Oregon. These states amended their laws to include human composting as a legal form of disposition for human remains. The process of Natural Organic Reduction gently transforms human remains into nutrient rich, life-giving soil. NOR is a process that takes place naturally in the world, all the time. The process of NOR simply reduces human remains naturally back to the earth faster. 

How the process works:


Deceased remains are placed individually in a sealed, environmentally controlled vessel.  This vessel is then filled with a mixture of organic materials such as alfalfa, straw and sawdust. Oxygen is allowed to flow through the vessel and out to a highly sensitive HVAC system where the air is scrubbed and reintroduced to the environment. This movement of air in the vessel stimulates microbes in the body to become super-active. These microbes quickly transform the body into organic matter. The NOR process is closely monitored and controlled. After 30-days, the vessel is rotated and screened to remove any inorganic materials left behind.  These inorganic materials might include medically implanted devices such as pacemakers.  Any remaining bone that is found during the screening process is then reduced much like the cremation process to a 1/8th inch shard.  These shards are placed back into the soil and the soil is placed into a vessel to cure for an additional 30 days.  At the conclusion of the 60 day process, the nutrient rich, fertile soil is ready to return to the family. 

NOR uses no chemicals or inoculants. Natural Organic Reduction uses only natural materials and oxygen during the gentle reduction process. The NOR process is highly energy-efficient. Unlike the cremation process, NOR burns no green-house gasses and results in usable soil which provides life-giving nutrients to the earth and helps retain nitrogen in the ground. 

Where can the soil be placed?

Composted soil may be placed on private or public property provided you have the landowners permission.  The decision of where your may wish to place the composted soil is up to you and your family. NOR soil is rich in life-giving nutrients and marvelously fertile, making it ideal for a memorial garden. Many families have chosen to create a memorial flower bed or plant a tree with the NOR soil. Some families have scatter the composted soil in a place that is special to them. You are welcome to take as much soil as you wish. Any remaining soil will be donated to a land in need of revitalization.

How much soil does the Natural Organic Reduction process produce?

Approximately 3/4 to 1 cubic yard of nutrient rich soil is created from the NOR process. By weight, this represents about 500 pounds of earth.  The  entire amount of NOR soil can be picked up, or shipped depending on a families wish. Any remaining soil will be donated to a land in need of revitalization.

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