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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dignified Assurance Planning a Funeral Home?

YES, Dignified Assurance Planning is a Licensed Funeral Establishment in WA. State.  

Although we are a Licensed Funeral Establishment, Our primary function is to assist people with advanced planning options for a future death.  We do contract with many funeral homes around Washington State for immediate death care needs.


What is "Pre-Planning" end of life decisions?

Pre-Planning is the opportunity for you to talk about and write down your end of life wishes. 

You become the author of your funeral or memorial service.

You have the chance to tell your life's story.

Step One of a Two-step process

What is "Pre-Purchasing" end of life decisions?

Pre-Purchasing end of life decisions is the only opportunity;  

to ensure your end of life decisions are met.

to relieve your family's burden of decision making in a time of loss.

to guarantee the cost of your future end of life expenses.

to provide Guaranteed Acceptance.

is transferable to any funeral provider nationwide.

to provide"Peace of Mind" Protection.

is step Two of a Two-step process.

Am I Required to select a funeral home to
"Pre-Purchase" end of life decisions?

No, selecting your funeral home of choice today is not required.  

Pre-Purchased, end of life decisions, are required by state law to be paid into a third-party vehicle

such as life insurance.  This requirement is to protect you, the consumer. 


Life insurance policy assignments are acceptable forms of payment with 

funeral providers throughout the country. 


Your life insurance policy is easily transferred to whatever funeral home you select.

There is no need to select a specific funeral home today to pre-purchase

your end of life decisions for tomorrow.  

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