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Cremation Planning

A Celebration of Life

Surprisingly, Cremation planning offers more questions & options than funeral planning.  Just a few questions you need to ask yourself include;

  • Do I want a memorial, funeral, or no service?

  • Do I want viewing?

  • What type of urn might I need?

  • What will happen to my cremated remains?

  • Who needs to authorize my cremation?

Another consideration with cremation planning is pre-signing your cremation authorization. In accordance with RCW 68.50.160 

(1) A person has the right to control the disposition of his or her own remains without the predeath or postdeath consent of another person. A valid written document expressing the decedent's wishes regarding the place or method of disposition of his or her remains, signed by the decedent in the presence of a witness, is sufficient legal authorization for the procedures to be accomplished.

The best way to answer these and other questions is to talk with our expert cremation planners.

Cremation Planning: Packages
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