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Why do funeral homes all look the same?

The more prepared you are at entering an unfamiliar business, the better off you will be. This has never been more true than when entering a funeral home especially for the first time. Funeral home’s can be perceived as scary places just by the very nature of the type of work they perform. Of course, Hollywood has never really given funeral homes a fair shake when it comes to portraying them as healing, peaceful places.

It has been my experience that funeral homes vary greatly in their appearance, service and atmosphere. Some funeral homes have a very modern and welcoming decor with the intention of creating a peaceful and comforting environment for grieving families. In these funeral homes you may find famous art pieces adorning the walls, modern reception facilities that rivals most 5-star restaurants complete with a cappuccino machine in the corner.

On the other hand, some funeral homes may have a more traditional ambiance. This as well is to provide a sense of reverence and respect for the deceased. Some funeral homes may appear to have arrived at 1958 and said, “That’s It, We Are Not Decorating Any Further.” The differences in the appearance of funeral homes is often reflected in the cultural and regional variations of funeral practices and preferences.

Regardless of how the funeral home appears, the primary purpose of the funeral home and staff is to support families during the most challenging times of their lives. Funeral Directors are called upon to provide compassionate care and guidance that ensures the funeral or memorial service is a meaningful, personalized tribute to the deceased.

If you plan to visit a funeral home, especially for the first time, it is a good ides to research and gather some information about funeral home and staff. Find out about their reputation, their pricing and what services they may offer. A quick internet search should provide you with most of these answers. It would be a good idea to also write down some question that you have prior to your arrival. Funeral Directors love to answer questions about funeral service especially funeral services that they may provide.

One thing to keep in mind when you arrive at the funeral home is that the funeral director is required to provide you with various documentation when certain conversations arise. (I.e. any conversation pertaining to prices.) Do not be offended if the funeral director hands you a General Price List of their services. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that this step be taken by the funeral home prior to discussing their prices or services.

If you are curious about your local funeral home I suggest calling them to set an appointment to tour the facility. For as much as Funeral Directors love to talk about their services, they also love to show off their locations. No matter the decorating abilities of the funeral home, remember they are their to serve you and your family with care and compassion. This is a proactive step that you can take which will ensure making a challenging situation more manageable and provide you with Peace of Mind when you have a death in your family.

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