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Advanced End-of-Life Planning 

End of life planning ensures that your disposition decisions are honored, alleviates the burden of decision-making for your family during a time of loss, and offers "Peace of Mind" protection.


Funeral (Burial) Planning

A funeral ceremony is a meaningful way for loved ones to honor and remember the life of someone who has passed away. It a space for family, friends, and community members to together and offer support a difficult time.


Flame Cremation Planning

Flame cremation is a tried and true method that utilizes fire, heat, and fuel to effectively reduce human remains to ashes. The ashes can then be respectfully placed into an urn or scattered as per the family's wishes.

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Water Cremation Planning

Water cremation, an ecologically friendly alternative to traditional flame-based cremation uses gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity to reducs the remains to "ashes". This method provides a more and respectful way to honor the memory of loved ones.


Natural Organic Reduction

Natural Organic Reduction is a gentle and natural process that transforms human remains into nutrient-rich soil. This process occurs naturally in the world, but NOR accelerates it, returning human remains to the earth faster.

Optional Services and Merchandise


Away From Home Protection

Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we're away from home...anything can happen, including death. Our plan takes care of everything for you in the event that a death takes place more than 75 miles from home. 


Solidified Remains

Our service solidifies 100% of the ash into remains that resemble a collection of 40-80+ smooth stones. Our loved ones deserve better than to be forgotten in a closet. With solidified remains, that never has to happen again.


Veteran Benefits

Thank You For Your Service!

As an honorably discharged veteran, you are entitled to benefits that can help you and your family.  It's important to know what you're eligible for and how to apply for them. Contact us to learn more about your benefits and how can assist you


Fingerprint Jewelry

Looking for a unique way to remember your loved ones? Our partnership with Eternities Touch offers fingerprint jewelry that allows you to keep the memory of your family member with you always. Choose from a variety of styles and designs to create a-of-a-kind piece that honors your loved one's memory.


Live Stream / Recording services

"In these challenging times, it's difficult to celebrate life's milestones with our loved ones. But with video streaming and recording, you can share the funeral with the world or a select group of people that you choose. Let us help you make the most of this important moment and keep your memories alive."


Like many of the families we serve, my favorite life moments include watching my four kids (two sets of twins) grow, becoming wonderful young men and women while  being in the outdoors with our travel trailer and boat. This is where I would rather spend my aging years instead of considering my funeral arrangements. However, after over 30 years in the funeral profession, it has been my experience that the traditional way of arranging funerals and cremations does not allow for living life free from concern. I set out to create a better way. A way that gives people "Peace of Mind", a way that is affordable and, a way that allows people the ability to live their lives knowing their end of life plans will be carried out without any question or concern. 


The funeral profession is my home. I began my career in Wenatchee, WA at the age of 16 working for the local funeral home. Upon graduation from Mortuary College in 1997, I moved to the Spokane area to continue serving as a Funeral Director and Cemetery professional. I hold funeral and insurance licenses in both Washington State and the State of Idaho. I am the Past President of both the Inland Empire Funeral Directors Association (IEFDA) and the Washington State Funeral Directors Association (WSFDA). Also, I currently serve as the Executive Director of the WSFDA. It is through my experiences as a Licensed Funeral Director that the idea for Dignified Assurance Planning was born.


After  receiving my license to assist people with Pre-Planning their funeral and cremation arrangements in 2009, my wife and I decided to start Dignified Assurance Planning, LLC with the primary goal of  “assisting families with advanced funeral and affordable cremation planning”.


We look forward to assisting you in your journey and helping you to create an advanced funeral or cremation plan

so that you can get back to living your life to its fullest.

~ Rob Goff, CFSP

Dignified Assurance Planning, LLC.

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